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Tips on Choosing the Perfect First Dance Song for Your Indian Wedding

Choosing the Perfect First Dance Song for Your Indian Wedding Indian dj Tampa

Pick a Song that Tells Your Story

Select a song that captures the essence of your relationship. Take this time to think about your relationship as a whole and think of songs that would tie in with your story. Whether it’s a tale of love at first sight, a classic high school sweetheart story, a long-distance romance, or a friendship blossoming into love, look for a song that narrates your unique journey.

Choose Something You Have in Common

Whether you’re leaning towards Bollywood, Hollywood, or Latin music, come to a consensus based on your shared interests. Consider the music genre and tempo as well. Maybe you want something instrumental without lyrics. You should also determine whether you both prefer a classic sound or something more contemporary and vibrant. An Indian wedding DJ can recommend popular songs with a romantic vibe that would be perfect to play during your first dance.

Select a Nostalgic Song

Certain couples share a special song that holds a meaningful place in their relationship. This might be the song from their first date, one that played during a memorable proposal, or a tune they turn to when distance keeps them apart. It may even be a song that you two play in the car together all the time. Take a stroll through your playlists and cherished memories to discover if you have such a song, and if you do, consider choosing it. If you hire a DJ for your Indian wedding, let them know what your song is when you plan out the playlist and they’ll be sure to play it when that special time approaches during your wedding.

Think About the Style of Dance

If you intend to create a choreographed dance routine, opt for a song that goes well with your selected dance style and highlights your chemistry on the dance floor. For example, if you’re choosing to sway or do the two-step, consider choosing a song with beats and rhythms that will match the style of dance well.

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