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Choosing a DJ vs. a Band for Your Indian Wedding in Miami

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Compare the Costs

Quantifying the cost difference between hiring a live band or ensemble versus booking a DJ/MC for your wedding reception is challenging due to numerous factors like location and personal significance. On average, bands tend to be four to ten times pricier than a professional DJ. The costs can also add up if you’re planning a multi-day Indian wedding. Essentially, a band or ensemble typically comes at a higher expense due to the inclusion of multiple musicians.

You also need to factor in location when you make this decision. If you’re planning a destination wedding and you’re hiring a band local to your home base, you may have to add their accommodation and transportation costs in the mix, depending on what their requirements are. The great thing about hiring an Indian DJ for your wedding is that they offer packages for single or multi-day weddings at unbeatable prices.

Consider the Space Requirements of Your Venues

If you’re planning a multi-day wedding, you’ll have to consider the space you have for entertainment in each venue. If you’re hiring a band for your wedding, they will likely require the whole stage to set up their equipment and perform. It’s important to note that this could interfere with your stage setup throughout the wedding. With an Indian wedding DJ, the set-up is easier to tweak according to the space you have available. If you have a smaller hall for your Sangeet, but a larger space available for your wedding reception, an Indian DJ will easily be able to change their setup to accommodate for both venues.

Music Availability

This is the time to think about the type of entertainment you want for you and your guests during your wedding. You should also consider your preferences and the type of entertainment that will play more of what you like. With a band, you’ll likely get a lot of covers of famous favorites that your guests can jam out to. This can be a fun way to bring everyone together, but it may be limiting when it comes to range. Hiring an Indian wedding DJ, like Empire Entertainment, offers a wider range selection. You can start off the night with romantic Indian tunes and pick up the energy with the top 50 when the dance floor opens later in the night.

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